20 February 2009

The Obligatory Statement of Purpose

This text exists in a vacuum. It is public, available, free. But I fully expect that it will never be read by any other person Of Woman Born, save a few accidental clicks by people who have lost their way.

It is a tree falling in an empty forest: anonymous, and bordering on theoretical.

And in that way, it's just like the vast majority of all the blogs that exist.

Since the beginning, man has been an opinionated creature, and more importantly, has harbored a deep need to share his opinions with others. After all, what's the point of an opinion if it never leaves the mind that formed it? Again, trees in the forest. Whether or not the opinions are well-constructed or rash, thoughtful or crude, progressive or bigoted, there is a vague sense that other people are interested in them.

The problem: no one is interested in them, no one wants to hear it. They've got their own, thank you very much. Actually, it's not that simple. Everyone has a circle of friends, loved ones, family, that will gladly exchange views and have healthy debates. But outside that friendly cluster, it's just drops in an ocean.

Which brings us to the internet.

The internet is a remarkable development; it allows anyone to be connected with anyone else. Many words have been written about how great that is, so I don't need to elaborate. BUT, the internet has more or less given everyone a universal forum to publish their opinions, whether anyone asked for them or not. "Vlogs" are even worse . . . it's mostly people staring at the camera saying "today they gave me the curly fries. I really think that the shoestring kind are better. Yeah . . . I wish they'd have given me the shoestring instead of the curly." And then someone with a very basic grasp on spelling will call them a VERY offensive and vulgar name in the comments box underneath.

There's a lot of hot air on the internet, in other words. Media figures on CNN trying to be trendy and saying "let's check the blogosphere!" doesn't help.

It was this very reality that kept me from writing a blog for years. I'd been incubating the idea for some time, because I enjoy writing and venting (sometimes) and it seemed like a good outlet. But I realize that I'm just another very opinionated person whose two cents nobody needs. In public and with people I care about, I've tried to curb giving my opinions, because they're unneeded. But I shall express them here, and I shall try not to be pretentious doing it. This is not a journal. I don't need to write about curly fries. I want to write about things that are interesting, things that matter, things that are constructive or have some cause to help or to enrich. Blogs that strive for that are great: an inexpensive means of expressing and connecting.

So these are my thoughts, take them or leave them. I know almost everyone will choose "leave them." And that's fine. But this blog will hopefully be about worthwhile things.

And that makes all the difference.

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